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Self Home Painting: Floor, Walls, Tiles – A Confident Decorating

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Home design, Interior design. Paint is the most cost-effective way of decorating, and a young American artist has completely transformed her home in Notting Hill, London, by painting the floors, walls, tiles and most of the furniture. Instead of sticking to a safely neutral palette, she chose a mixture of red, aubergine, charcoal, pebble and several shades of white. The horizontal textured stripes in the sitting-room were ...
stone staircase design

Elegant Town Home in French and English Furnishings

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Home design, Interior design. Nothing but a weathered old door and single window can seen from the street. It would appear that only a tiny and very narrow house could be squeezed into such a tight space, but ancient Provencal towns and village are full of surprises. The front door opens onto another world: the dimly lit, tiled hall leads to a stone staircase that draws one up to a magnificent enclosed courtyard garden, two ...
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Luxury Apartment Design with Antique Furniture Decorating

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Apartment design, Interior design. A gallery owner, picture-framing expert and author of several design books has decorated her large London apartment in pale, creamy whites, concentrating on the play of natural light afforded by its luxuriously tall windows, instead of a separate dining-room she has been able to incorporate an antique table and chairs into the new kitchen, a popular change from the conventional idea that eating ...
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Oxfordshire Country House in Oriental Decoration Touch

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Home design, Interior design. A busy couple who work in London during the week but retreat to an Oxford-shire country house at weekends have created a town house that is a perfect antidote to their high-speed city lives. The house was bought, in part, for its garden, so that three terriers could happily commute with their owners. The property , not far from the Houses of Parliament, had not had much attention since the 1960s ...