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Country Classic Inspirational English House

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Home design, Interior design. The English country house was, and still is, an important inspiration for many international designers, but there is nothing quite like the real thing. Formed of a central block built in 1680 and a 1720 extensions of identical wings on either side, this ochre-washed brick house has barely changed since it was completed. Minor alterations were made to the Interiors in the late twentieth ...
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Luxury Eighteenth-Century Style Grand Bastide Country House

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Home design, Interior design. Approached along a narrow country road, with a barren rocky ridge on one side and flat expansive farmland on the other, this grand bastide sits raised on a broad terrace, seemingly untouched for centuries. All is not what it seems, but so sensitive was the expert restoration of this range of Provencal barns that it is hard to imagine that this house was recently a ruin. The owners are ...
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Old Apartment Refurbishment to Contemporary Minimalist Living Space

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Home design, Interior design. When a couple, an architect and a building contractor, found an untouched apartment in a 1930s block in London, it was sure to become an original and exciting project. Unusually, it was set over two floors, was in a sought-after location and ripe for refurbishment. It was relatively easy to remove internal walls and get rid of the small rooms even the concrete staircase, set into a narrow ...
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Modern Minimalist Steel and Glass Construction Home Office Design

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Home design, Interior design. Fort a man who spends his days working in industrial design on a vast scale, it must have been an interesting exercise to put his mind to the relatively minor project that would become his office and home. The project was made possible by finding land on the outskirts of Hanover that would suit the business and his architectural vision of a live/work space. The steel-and-glass construction ...