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DMH Residence entrance corridor interior design

The DMH Residence by Mim Design, A Timeless Renovation Living House Melding With A Classic Victorian Character

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Home design, Interior design. The DMH residence which is Melbourne, Australia-based is completed designed by the Mim Design. DMH Residence is a great living space which is offering an old atmosphere that blend with a modern interior design. Those old atmosphere is found in the entrance which is appear the corridor after the entrance door. In the corridor wall is placed some painting frames which gives an art view. This ...
Capital Kitchen textural brick wall design

Capital Kitchen by Mim Design, The Combination Architecture Design Of A Cafe, Bar and Food-Based Homewares

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Building design, Interior design, Lounge design. This cafe project which adapted the kitchen atmosphere is designed by the Mim Design architect. This Capital Kitchen cafe is based in Melbourne, Australia. As well as providing a kitchen and food-based home wares component, the Capital Kitchen is an external facing food emporium which also comprises of a dining cafe and the bar. So, this fabulous project which is designed by the Mim Design is a ...
St-Hubert Residence during the renovation

A Simple And Modest Renovation Apartment Concept by naturehumaine

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Apartment design, Architecture design, Home design. A great living space project located in Montreal, Canada completed its renovation by the naturehumaine Architect. The architect is ordered by the client to renovate an 800 square feet bungalow by adding a second floor to the previous construction. A problem which is faced the architect is the poor conditions of the house foundations which is quickly proved this order is impossible. Then the ...
Minimalist Apartment closed transformer space alliance

A Minimalist Apartment Designed for Space-Age Lovers by Dash Marshall Architect

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Apartment design, Home design. Which is based in the New York, the minimalist renovated apartment is completed designed by Dash Marshall. An apartment for Space-Age Lovers by  have several key features such as a series of the sliding partition which is Dash Marshall allows the space to be reconfigured to meet the whims of the occupants, the transformer space appliance is rotating the closet wall which is enable further the ...