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West Seattle Residence comfortable living room interior design

Great Panaromic in West Seattle Residence by Lawrence Architecture

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Architecture design, Home design, Interior design. The comfortable living space has been completed designed by the Lawrence Architecture which is located in the West Seattle district of Seattle, Washington. This living space design has a view property of living space for about 3,800 square feet, and 925 square feet detached the garage. The main materials which are construct this building is include the concrete, steel and a glass. While providing ...
The Larix House architecture design

Old Wood Boat Inspired Home Design by Corvin Cristian

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Architecture design, Home design, Interior design. The living space project which is called Larix House is completed designed by the Architect Corvin Cristian in Snaggov, Romania. The shape and the materials of the house are inspiring the old wood boat sheds on the neighboring Snagnov Lake. The lot is so narrow thus generating the plan and the position. The street elevation is totally opaque while the openings are abounding towards the courtyard ...
K3 House modern bathroom interior design

K3 House, A Home Renovation with Natural Concept by Bruce Stafford Architects

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Architecture design, Home design. Which is Sydney, Australia-based, the living space called K3 House is finished renovation by Bruce Stafford Architects. The natural rock face and the lush vegetation is defines the dramatic renovation centers around the spacious internal courtyard. A seamless flow between the inside and the outside are enabled by the large sliding glass doors in the main living area. The living area of this ...
The Pentagonal House architecture design night viewed

The Pentagonal Japanese House by Kazuya Morita Architecture

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Architecture design, Home design, Interior design. The unique house which called Pentagonal House is completed designed by Kazuya Morita Architecture. This unique house is located in Tsushima city, Japan. The roofs of this living space concept is the another landscape. It is created from where the architecture will build. As well as the natural landscape has, they have full of the attractiveness for the space to live for us. At the same time, the ...