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House Architecture Design by TIP

House Architecture Design in Zürich by TIP architect

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Home design. Hi guys, in this time I would like to review about a home design like the previous post. This is a modern home design too. It seems this living space is a comfortable place to staying inside. Feel curious yet? Then give it a break guys! Lately I have gathered information about a modern living space architecture design which called the Fünf Häuser. This modern home is located in Zürich, ...
Optical Store Receptionist Area

Modern Store Interior Design by Simon Vamvakidis

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Interior design, Store design. Who loves store very much, or maybe a fashion? In this moment I would like to share with you guys about a modern store interior design, to be exact an interior design of optical store. Although covers a small area, this one is a very attractive store design. So check this out! Recently I have done observated a modern optical store design which located in Neo Psyhiko, Athens, Greece. This ...
Leschi Residence  Glass Window Design

The Leschi Residence, Modern Home Design in Seattle

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Home design. I used to love review information about a home design, like this one, a modern home design called the Leschi Residence. I really love the home design; it seems a warmth atmosphere flows inside this living space. So guys, give it a break! It will be interesting. Recently I have searched a home design review and I found one which attracts me very much. This modern home is called the Leschi ...
Lebbeke Apartment Living Room Interior Design

Contemporary Apartment Design in Flanders Belgium

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Apartment design, Architecture design. A modern and luxury apartment is a perfect place to stay. In this time I will review about a contemporary apartment design which will amazed you about its design. This apartment interior design is a really fresh idea, so it can add more information for you. Who knows you need the new house one, isn’t? So give a simple break and check below! Lately I have searched for a new idea about ...