A Full Colored Contertainer Which Has The Village Atmosphere Designed by dpavilion Architects

Contertainer architecture designContertainer architecture design

The “contertainer” project has completed designed by the dpavilion architects which is take a location in Surabaya, Indonesia. This project which is called “Contertainer” is an amalgam of the two words; container and entertainer. At a glance someone can see an architectural form which is made of several brightly painted containers such as red, yellow, blue and light green, in an attractive position and composition, thus forming a contertainer from its outer look.

The contertainer is precisely located in Batu, East Java, Indonesia. Batu itself is a relatively new town which is still retains a strong agricultural nuance and maybe it is a town with a village-like atmosphere. The contertainer is a public facility which is consisting of a polyclinic and a library where the ordinary people can come and use that facility for free. Through the various angle, the appearance of the contertainer in town can be perceived, for the appearance of an architectural work will be followed by many effect which is produces.

Visit the dpavilion architects website – here.

Photography: Ganny Gozaly


Yellow container designYellow container design

The Contertainer architecture designThe Contertainer architecture design

The Contertainer blue container designThe Contertainer blue container design

The Contertainer building architecture designThe Contertainer building architecture design

The Contertainer building designThe Contertainer building design

The Contertainer glass building architecture designThe Contertainer glass building architecture design

The Contertainer library bookself interior designThe Contertainer library bookself interior design

The Contertainer lower viewed architecture designThe Contertainer lower viewed architecture design

The Contertainer outer reading room interior designThe Contertainer outer reading room interior design

The Contertainer polyclinic entrance interior designThe Contertainer polyclinic entrance interior design

The Contertainer polyclinic interior designThe Contertainer polyclinic interior design

The Contertainer public facility interior designThe Contertainer public facility interior design

The Contertainer reading room interior designThe Contertainer reading room interior design

The Contertainer red frame architecture designThe Contertainer red frame architecture design

The Contertainer spacious library interior designThe Contertainer spacious library interior design

The Contertainer staircase designThe Contertainer staircase design

The Contertainer staircase interior designThe Contertainer staircase interior design

The Contertainer window designThe Contertainer window design

The Contertainer yard architecture designThe Contertainer yard architecture design

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