A Nice Canopy House By MDMA In Belgium

Canopy House Pathway DesignCanopy House Pathway Design

A nice living space architecture design which called the Canopy House is completed designed by the architect Martine de Maeseneer Architects (MDMA). This living space architecture design is located in Pajottenland, Belgium. This eye-catching living space architecture design is covers an area for about 600 square meters.  The exterior walls and roof architecture design of this living space is reflects the traditional colors of the earthenware with the gray-brown wooden shingles an polycarbonate sheet with dark orange insulation behind, although its shape stands in contrast to the surrounding area. The architect result is a living space which both fits and stands out from its setting.

The sloping roofs and the house facade made it appear like a piece of the moveable furniture, which is detached from the agricultural land it sand on. This living space is divided in two through the use of the long sloping ramps in the inside. A shortcut access which is located in the living quarters to the entrance is provided by the house staircase, but there are no shortcuts to the private spaces. This thing is keeps the maximum distance between the private and the communal space. A generous feeling of the openness is given by this house architecture design with its glass exterior walls. By designed by the architect, this living space project includes a high-ceiling library two archive rooms, music room and wine cellar. The spacious interior design met the client’s need to entertain many guests.

Architect: Martine de Maeseneer Architects (MDMA)
Location: Pajottenland, Belgium
Project Area: 600 sqm
Photographs: Filip Dujardin


Canopy House Facade Architecture DesignCanopy House Facade Architecture Design

Canopy House Pathway Access Interior DesignCanopy House Pathway Access Interior Design

Canopy House Frame Architecture DesignCanopy House Frame Architecture Design

Canopy House Space Interior DesignCanopy House Space Interior Design

TheCanopy House Building Architecture DesignTheCanopy House Building Architecture Design

Canopy House Roof Architecture DesignCanopy House Roof Architecture Design

Canopy House Interior DesignCanopy House Interior Design

Canopy House Glass Door Interior DesignCanopy House Glass Door Interior Design

Canopy House Pathway Corridor Interior DesignCanopy House Pathway Corridor Interior Design

Canopy House Building DesignCanopy House Building Design

Canopy House Site LocationCanopy House Site Location

Canopy House 3D Plan Architecture DesignCanopy House 3D Plan Architecture Design

Canopy House 3D Frame Plan Architecture DesignCanopy House 3D Frame Plan Architecture Design

Canopy House Section 02Architecture DesignCanopy House Section 02Architecture Design

Canopy House Section 01 Architecture DesignCanopy House Section 01 Architecture Design

Canopy House First Floor Plan Architecture DesignCanopy House First Floor Plan Architecture Design

Canopy House Ground Floor Plan Architecture DesignCanopy House Ground Floor Plan Architecture Design

Canopy House Basement Architecture DesignCanopy House Basement Architecture Design

Canopy House Building Architecture DesignCanopy House Building Architecture Design

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