Artificial Geek Christmas Wreaths – Funny Geeks DIY Wreath

geek wreath christmas decoratinggeek wreath christmas decorating

Known for its eternal beauty, Christmas wreaths have been used as some of the most popular decor every winter to commemorate the glorious season and observe the spirit of the advent holiday. Ever since the early civilizations, holiday wreaths have become a part of our everyday lives. It was used in various ways to give honor, show great appreciation and express love, peace and hope. Today, wreaths still serve its purpose and continue to bring joy and happiness every year by hanging it on doors, windows or any where inside or outside our premises.

It’s funny to see geeks make its own Christmas wreath. It’s always fun to see what real geeks made in their DIY projects. It’s Christmas season now so of course there are Christmas projects around. Making Christmas wreaths is one of them and when geek starts to create handmade wreaths the result is pretty funny.

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geek christmas wreath from cable and speakergeek christmas wreath from cable and speaker

geek christmas wreath from computer peripheralgeek christmas wreath from computer peripheral

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