Beach House Architecture Design in Japan

Beach House Staircase Interior DesignBeach House Staircase Interior Design

Beach house architecture is completed designed by the Yamamori Architect & Associates. They have completed designed a beautiful beach house which is located in Shima-city, Mie prefecture, Japan. Almost totally concrete materialized, this living space has a beautiful panoramic view of the beach which can be accessed from the living room.

Beach House Architecture Design Review

Precisely sited in Shima-city, Mie prefecture, Japan, Yamamori Architect & Associates have completed designed a beautiful beach house which has panoramic views of the beach itself. The living space site is located in a scheduled bay on a ria coast; it is where the fishing and other boats can be viewed there.

Surrounding the living space, the contrast of the ocean and the greenery is beautiful and a building is required for the client who will visit there sometimes to enjoy the place. Between the site and the ocean there is a small road.

Of this living space design, the differences in height between the ground, the building and the interior spaces are a significant component. To keep a subtle distance from the ground, the architects have to elevated the floor; it is intended to create a different world and to express a feeling of floating.

The architect strategy is also accommodates the occasional exceptionally high tides peculiar to this area and avoids any direct lines of the sight from the road. The wing-like eave introduces an aerodynamic element appropriate in this high-wind area. It gives lightness to the architecture and it frames the view in the Japanese tradition of ‘borrowed scenery’.

Beach House Architecture

This living space has section which is consisting of four layers. It is mostly a single volume with the different floor heights and each level of this house is connected with the gentle stairs. The view lines vary from each of these different heights and the scenery of outside and inside changes.

A dynamic interior space is generating this contrast. This living space architecture design is like a viewing device to overlook the ocean. It has continuity from inside and outside, bringing the scenery inside, and blending into this natural coastal environment beautifully.

Project data :
Location : Shima-city Mie prefecture
Architects : Yamamori Architect & Associates , Takashi Yamamori
Principal use : Private house
Site area : 287.34?
Building area : 79.36?
Total floor area : 121.03?
Structural system : Reinforced Concrete
Number of stories : 2 stories
Major materials : exposed concrete , COR-TEN steel plate , Japanese cypress flooring
Design period : June,2008 – November,2009
Constraction period : March,2010 – October,2010
Photo credits : Kei Sugino


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