Building Architecture in Tokyo, Japan

Building Architecture Interior DesignBuilding Architecture Interior Design

Building architecture called the Sugamo Shinking Bank is completed designed by the architect Emmanuelle Moureaux Architecture. This colorful bank is located in Tokyo, Japan. This Shimura Branch of the Sugamo Shinkin Bank has very amazing and fresh design.

A rainbow mille-feuille is the architect concept for this interesting building which strives to provide the first-rate hospitality for their customer. The bank’s motto:”we take pleasure in serving happy customer” is the main idea for the architect to create a concept for this building architecture design. The Emmanuelle Moureaux Architecture are also commissioned to handle the progress of the architectural and interior design for its newly rebuilt branch in Shimura after completed the design for the branch outlets of Sugano Shinkin Bank which is precisely located in Tokiwadai and Niiza. The architect sought to make a refreshing atmosphere with a palpable sense of the nature which is based on an open sky motif for this bank building project.

Building Architecture Decoration Design

This bank design is consist of 12 layers of colors which are based in a rainbow-like stack of colored layers. These full colored layers are peeking out from the building facade to welcome the bank’s visitors. Those colors are reflected onto the white surface of the bank and it leaves a faint trace over it to create a warm and a gentle feeling.

During the night, the colored layers are faintly illuminated and this illumination is so varies according to the season and the time of the day, conjuring up the myriad landscapes. To create a piece of the sky, three elliptical skylights bathe the interior in a soft light upon entering this bank. The bank’s visitors spontaneously look up to see a cut-out piece of the sky which is invites them to gaze languidly at it. The open sky and the sensation of the openness prompts the bank’s visitors to take a deep breaths, it is to refreshing their body from within.

The another attraction is the fuzzy puffs patterns which is placed in the ceiling. The ceiling is adorned with the dandelion puff patterns which seem to float and drift through the air. There is a long and cherished custom of blowing on one of these fuzzy balls while secretly making a wish in Europe. When these fuzzy puffs are carried by the wind, it is also bits of fluffy down gently dance and frolic in the air.  On the first floor, the ATMs, teller windows, consultation booths and an open space laid out with the chairs in 14 different colors are placed. At the second floor, it is occupied by the offices, meeting rooms and a cafeteria, while in the third floor is reserved for the staff changing rooms. Through the first and the second levels of the building, three long glass air wells thread and flooding the interior with the natural light as well as “blowing” air through it.

Architecture : emmanuelle moureaux architecture + design
Space Design/Sign Design : emmanuelle moureaux architecture + design
Photography : Nacasa & Partners Inc.



Building Architecture Space Interior DesignBuilding Architecture Space Interior Design

Sugamo Shinkin Bank Natural Lighting Access DesignSugamo Shinkin Bank Natural Lighting Access Design

Sugamo Shinkin Bank Ceiling Interior DecorationSugamo Shinkin Bank Ceiling Interior Decoration

Sugamo Shinkin Bank Meeting Room Interior DesignSugamo Shinkin Bank Meeting Room Interior Design

Direct Natural Lighting Access DesignDirect Natural Lighting Access Design

Sugamo Shinkin Bank SpaceSugamo Shinkin Bank Space

Sugamo Shinkin Bank Cafetaria Interior DesignSugamo Shinkin Bank Cafetaria Interior Design

Fuzzy Puffs Pattern Interior DecorationFuzzy Puffs Pattern Interior Decoration

Cafetaria Interior DecorationCafetaria Interior Decoration

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The Sugamo Shinkin Bank Building OverviewThe Sugamo Shinkin Bank Building Overview

Sugamo Shinkin Bank ArchitectureSugamo Shinkin Bank Architecture

Colorful Layers Architecture DesignColorful Layers Architecture Design

Sugamo Shinkin Bank Colorful Layers DesignSugamo Shinkin Bank Colorful Layers Design

Sugamo Shinkin Bank Corner OverviewSugamo Shinkin Bank Corner Overview

Sugamo Shinkin Bank Consultation Room Interior DesignSugamo Shinkin Bank Consultation Room Interior Design

Sugamo Shinkin Bank Entrance Architecture DesignSugamo Shinkin Bank Entrance Architecture Design

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