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open plan modern office interior design

Sustainable Open Plan Space Office – Edificio 035 by Lab255

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Interior design, Office design, Sustainable design. The office building is located on the outskirts of the city which is full of unpleasant industries bloc. Arrangements make this project a milestone for the fight against ugly scene. The architect decided to demonstrate that it is possible to make a nice box, and the idea came from a process of deconstruction through the Cartesian box, and then considering the major functions such as box and play ...
contemporary wood house dining room ideas

Sustainable Woodhouse Interiors Design – The Lake Forest Park Renovation by Finne Architects

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Home design, Interior design, Sustainable design. Forest Lake Park Renovation by Finne Architects. Located on the site, a remote forested, about 25 miles north of Seattle, Northwest Contemporary-1950 houses have been renovated while retaining the spirit of the original house. With a vast new window and the monitor glass roof, renovated the house seems to be a glass pavilion in the woods. Floor plans have been re-organized to create, light ...
sustainable boathouse studio minimalist  interior

Sustainable Boathouse Design – Williams Studio by GH3 Architecture

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Architecture design, Building design, Interior design, Office design, Sustainable design. A studio owned by photographer on the house boat on Stony Lake is a re-imagination of greenhouse basic pattern in the landscape in the Canadian Shield. A continuation of thinking about this architectural ambition, the central concept of home is re-conceived through a contemporary lens of sustainability, the program, site, and convenience. Simple attractive quality, open space, interior and ...
sustainable library design landscape photo

Sustainable Library Design – Ingleside Branch Library in San Fransisco

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Interior design, Library design, Sustainable design. Located at the corner of Ocean Avenue lot, the design consists of a main reading room, children's reading room, community space, support staff room and an outdoor garden. Following the urban grid, the scheme allows an L-shaped main reading room and public space for the volume and determine the center pages. This exterior has two main architectural elements: an egg-shaped chamber and high canopy ...