Center for Social Services by Antonio Blanco Montero, a Building Which Based in the Therapeutic Qualities

building architecture designbuilding architecture design

This social service center is designed by architect Antonio Blanco Montero, which is the locate of the building is in camas, Seville, Spain. This project is covers an area for about 720 square meters. The construction of this building is progressed in 2006-2009.

Where there are problems and the solutions. The function which contains a center for social services can differed in a wide and varied spectrum from the processing of administrative; it’s beyond the psychological attention. All of them are characterized with a residue of uncertainty and instability. It is offers the possibility to investigate the relationships between uses. Give the certain properties of area through the honesty of the materials itself. Capture life and keep it inside the building, but not limited to certain function harboring fleeing to build a container detached from the outside world, that is one which is causes and solve.

There three elements which becoming aware of the reality needed to face. First issue is not short needs program to reach the objective, and the complexity in their relationship. The second is the urban planning which limited height and floor area. The last element is the complicated location which results of the fragmentation of near-circular end of a block, with a certain air of immediacy, in which the traditional pattern of the building facade line and a coop at the back of the point of the plot which is not demand the major requirements.

The access is through the intermediate level, it is a lead an atrium which is involves the three levels, which is invites to recognize the building at the first sight. So as to convey a feeling of the hospitality. It’s important to avoid that take cover in schemes with numerous filters. This behavior is separates the relationship between the user. In this sense, those services for groups are located with immediate access, while the filters that channel those individualized services are minimized.

The overlapping of activities, relationships and constant visual juxtaposition of paths, is helps us to understand the unintended catalyst vocation of the building, looking for the ability to convey a certain sense of optimism.

  • Architects: Antonio Blanco Montero
  • Location: Camas, Sevilla, Spain
  • Client: Camas Municipality
  • Structure Calculation: Sergio Estévez Salazar
  • Project area: 720 sqm
  • Project year: 2006 – 2009
  • Photographs: Fernando Alda


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