Colorful Office Interior Design, Google Offices in Milan by AMA – Albera Monti & Associati

Google Offices leaf decoration interior designGoogle Offices leaf decoration interior design

Who don’t know Google? Everybody knows Google, so do you know its office? Under the AMA – Albera Monti & Associati architect, the google office in Milan, Italy is constructed on 2009-2010. This great building is covers an area for about 1.800 square meters. Want to know more about this impressive building? Just give simple attention for the paragraph bellow.

This design of the office is come from the company itself. This innovative clever design, it is essential for an ideal development of the office activities, entailing flexibility, more community spaces relative to individual workstations, good quality without indulging in luxury, and environment-friendly investments in better services and support spaces.

The people who take a work in Google have to spend a lot of time inside the workplace. So, from the office itself must provide the extremely comfortable environment and a wealth of the benefit. This strategy is to handle the boringness of the employer itself. A wealth of the benefits itself is come from a good views and the natural light, the downtown location, on-site restaurant, the game and the recreational areas, gym and massage area, shower, etc. All of those things are intended to improve the creativity, productivity and help attract the best people. The architect designer is tried hard to reflect the Google’s work philosophy and at the same time, far from being standardized, their office has an unmistakably and typically Milanese design& fashion look.

About this interior design of this Google office; this office rooms is separated by the glass walls. In the walls itself is sticking colorful Google stickers. Besides, the green plant which also sticks in the wall glass near the works space is adding the natural atmosphere. At the recreation room, the floor of it is adapted the triangular pattern which has the variation in color, the brown gradation. In the office canteen, is found the colorful seat, it is kiddy, but it’s very interesting interior design ideas. Dominantly, this office is using the bright color to attract the employer, so the employer itself is on fire to spend their entire time inside the office.

  • Architects: AMA – Albera Monti & Associati
  • Location: Milan, Italy
  • Architectural Project: Giovanni Albera [Principal], Nicolas Monti [Principal]
  • Project Team: Nicolas Monti [Principal in Charge], Giovanni Albera, Rita Saragoça Saramago Silva Pereira
  • M.E.P.: Varese Controlli (Stefano Castellani)
  • General Contractor: ISG Italia
  • Project Area: approx. 1,800 sqm
  • Design Year: 2009
  • Construction Year: 2009 – 2010
  • Photographs: Bepe Raso


Google Offices colorful sink interior designGoogle Offices colorful sink interior design

Google Offices green sink interior designGoogle Offices green sink interior design

Google Offices glassed wall interior designGoogle Offices glassed wall interior design

Google Offices recreation area interior designGoogle Offices recreation area interior design

Google Offices canteen interior designGoogle Offices canteen interior design

Google Offices dining table interior designGoogle Offices dining table interior design

Google Offices working space interior designGoogle Offices working space interior design

Google Offices recreation glass door entrance interior designGoogle Offices recreation glass door entrance interior design

Google Offices headlines architecture designGoogle Offices headlines architecture design

Google Offices sticked plant interior designGoogle Offices sticked plant interior design

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