Concrete Home Designs in Piedmont

Concrete House Concrete Roof DesignConcrete House Concrete Roof Design

Concrete home designs area completed remodeled by the Ogrydziak/Prillinger Architects. they have succeeded created and conceived a remodel home which designed in 1974 and it’s called the Concrete House which is based in Piedmont, California after its is being remodeled.

Ogrydziak/Prillinger Architects have completed designed the Concrete House located in Piedmont, California. This home project is a complete remodel of an existing 1974 cast-concrete and the brick living space. The original 7000 square foot house is built for a single couple, a fluid open plan organized around a central courtyard.

It is a house which is ceiling roofted. Although this is an old house which was designed in 1974, after its being remodeled, this house looks modern in the interior in each space inside this house. The concrete and the brick materials add a solid view for this living space.

For the architect, make the living space practical for a family and to upgrade the finishes and fell of the living space while remaining the true to its original spirit of large expanses of exposed materials and the visual openness are the intent of the house remodel plan.

Concrete Home Designs Interior

With a view to maximize the flexibility of the house space, the primary living spaces, kitchen and baths are all reconfigured, it is maintaining the spatial continuity of the existing house while still allowing the private enclosures. Fully operable sliding glass doors open to perceptually extend the living room space into the pool terrace.

The natural light freely accessed inside this house space. It comes from the glass wall or from the circular roof sculpture located in the corner of the house.

The new kitchen can be opened to engage the fully in the life of the house through the device of oversized folding doors for normal occasions. To the house, the three new bedrooms, more like elaborate pieces of the casework than typical room enclosure.

Architects: Ogrydziak/Prillinger Architects
Landscape Architect: Lutsko & Associates
Contractor: Ryan Associates
Photography: Tim Griffith


Concrete Home Design SinkConcrete Home Design Sink

Concrete Home Designs Bathroom InteriorConcrete Home Designs Bathroom Interior

Concrete Home Designs LeaderConcrete Home Designs Leader

Concrete Home Designs Study RoomConcrete Home Designs Study Room

Concrete Home Designs Moderen Sink After Being RemodeledConcrete Home Designs Moderen Sink After Being Remodeled

Concrete Home Designs Large Bedroom InteriorConcrete Home Designs Large Bedroom Interior

Concrete House Contemporary Circular Bathub Interior DesignConcrete House Contemporary Circular Bathub Interior Design

Concrete House Contemporary Bathroom Interior DesignConcrete House Contemporary Bathroom Interior Design

Concrete House Sink Interior DesignConcrete House Sink Interior Design

Concrete House Large Living Room Interior DesignConcrete House Large Living Room Interior Design

Concrete House Bookself Furniture DesignConcrete House Bookself Furniture Design

Concrete House Reading AreaConcrete House Reading Area

Concrete House Brick PillarsConcrete House Brick Pillars

Concrete House Brick MaterialsConcrete House Brick Materials

The Concrete House SpaceThe Concrete House Space

Concrete House Natural Lighting AccessConcrete House Natural Lighting Access

Concrete House Modern Kitchen Interior DesignConcrete House Modern Kitchen Interior Design

Concrete House Kitchen Interior DesignConcrete House Kitchen Interior Design

Concrete House Open Kitchen SLiding Door DesignConcrete House Open Kitchen SLiding Door Design

Concrete House Semi-closed Kitchen Sliding Door DesignConcrete House Semi-closed Kitchen Sliding Door Design

Concrete House Table InteriorConcrete House Table Interior

Concrete House Kitchen EntranceConcrete House Kitchen Entrance

Concrete House CorridorConcrete House Corridor

Concrete House Dining Space InteriorConcrete House Dining Space Interior

Concrete House Large Dining Room InteriorConcrete House Large Dining Room Interior

Concrete House Entry SideConcrete House Entry Side

Concrete House Architecture DesignConcrete House Architecture Design

Concrete House Entrance DesignConcrete House Entrance Design

Concrete House Entrance Door DesignConcrete House Entrance Door Design

The Concrete House Architecture DesignThe Concrete House Architecture Design

Concrete Home Design Floor Plan ArchitectureConcrete Home Design Floor Plan Architecture

Concrete Home Design Floor Plan After Being RemodeledConcrete Home Design Floor Plan After Being Remodeled

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