Contemporary Interior Design for One Midtown Plaza Lobby in Atlanta USA

Contemporary Interior Design Glass Wall DesignContemporary Interior Design Glass Wall Design

Contemporary interior design of a plaza is completed designed by the architect Mack Scogin Merrill Elam Architects. This contemporary interior design is designed for the lobby of One Midtown Plaza which is located in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. This plaza lobby is covers area for about 5,477 square foot and by the architect, this contemporary interior design of a lobby renovation is progressed in 2009.

Before this lobby is being renovated, this One Midtown Plaza lobby is a dark place which is cavernous space lacking presence on the Peachtree Street. When the dark red granite is extremely fashionable in the United State, which is a product of the 1980s, the lobby is brooded into its own shadow; it is receding from the street. The lobby west entrance is awkwardly connected to the parking deck and it is lacked connection with the Two Midtown Plaza, which is the second building in the complex.

By the architect renovation, the renovated lobby of One Midtown Plaza is presented a new personality to the Peachtree Street which is generous, open and inviting. The sparkling white interior design is a complete reversal of the somber character of the original lobby space. The C78, which is a grand chandelier, is fairly dances through the space, it is eager to be on its way. The daylight is accentuates in every surface inside this contemporary interior design.

Contemporary Interior Design

The C78 installation which is installed by the architect can be described as a vector array interrupted in its trajectory. This contemporary interior design installation is consist of 14 cluster of 293 vectors, 29 orbs, 586 space coordinates, 1 parasitic eggoid, 1 oculus, 615 tehers and 783 digital transformation. The C78 and the lobby space are simply lit by 52 recessed down light. Along the lengths of the painted steel vectors, the light inside this lobby is plays randomly. The hand-blown glass orbs are capturing the light from the same down-lights; it is adding some sparkles to the chandelier.

The east light streams into the lobby in the early morning, it is activating the vectors and the orbs in a continuously changing kinetic code. The C78 installation energies the lobby and it is celebrate the volumetric generosity of the space. C78 is a contemporary reinterpretation of the chandelier; it is asymmetrical, informal and friendly.

The white fritted glass panels clad the lobby walls; it is rendering the space legible from the exterior. The space which have been renovated by the architect is now participates in the activity and life of Peachtree Street. Inside this contemporary interior design lobby, the brightness of the space and the animated quality of the light are contributed by a white terrazzo floor and the painted white gypsum board ceiling.

Architect: Mack Scogin Merrill Elam Architects
Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Project Team: Mack Scogin (principal-in-charge), Merrill Elam (collaborating principal), Barnum Tiller (project manager), Matthew Leach, Mack Cole-Edelsack, Margaret Fletcher, Jeremy Magner, Barrett Feldman, Justin Miller, Helen Han
Structural Consultant: Sedki & Russ Engineers, Uzun & Case Engineers
Lighting Consultant: Gabler-Youngston
General Contractor: Brasfield & Gorrie, LLC
Glass Blowing: Janke Studios
Chandelier Fabricator: Knight Sign Industries
Project Area: 5,477 sqf
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Timothy Hursley


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