Contemporary Receptionist Desk by JOI-Design

The Contemporary Receptionist Desk DesignThe Contemporary Receptionist Desk Design

Contemporary receptionist desk is completed designed by the JOI-Design. They have completed designed a furniture intended for the lobby of a cafe of the new Pricewaterhouse Coopers building which is based in Frankfurt, Germany.

Contemporary Receptionist Desk Review

JOI-Design have completed designed a desk furniture for a lobby cafe/reception area of the new Princewaterhouse Coopers building which is based in Frankfurt, Germany. Which functions on one side as a receptionist desk and then doubles on the other side as a cafe/bar for social events, the focal point of the entrance lobby is an uber-hip, UFO-like “island”.

The dynamic, glossy white structure has been molded into a lacy “web” symbolizing a neutral network and emphasizing pwC’s interconnected philosophy and creativity a leading “think-tank” of consultants. It made from the highly polished glass fibers. The sleek white leather barstool lines the cafe side of the desk. The color shifting LED lights can be adjusted to varying degrees of the intensity within the center panel, so that the effect can be more subdued through the work day and pumped up to a more vibrant radiance during a reception in the evening.

The supple, sculptural design ingeniously sweeps around one of the building’s central support columns, transforming a design dilemma into a sexy solution.

Contemporary Receptionist Desk Designer’s Bio

Corinna Kretschmar-Joehnk, managing director. She was born on November 4th. 1966 in Bielefeld. School attendance in Detmold – high school diploma 1986, study of art history in Würzburg 1986, study of interior design in Detmold – degree (diploma) 1993, employee at joehnk. Interior Design in Hamburg 1993, project manager 1996, head of catering trade dept. 1999. She is also manager of joehnk. Interior Design AG Zurich 2000, manager of JOI-Design GmbH in Hamburg since 2003. She is a member of the BDIA since 2004, member of the executive committee BDIA Landesverband Küste ( HH, SH, MeckPom) 2004 – 2006, today engaged in the advisory board of the executive committee BDIA LV Küste, member in the architectural association Hamburg since 2004

Appointment to the independent inscription committee of the architectural association Hamburg / interior design department since 2007

Peter Joehnk, managing director. He was born on July 31st. 1957 in Kronach/Ofr. School attendance in Selb/Ofr. and Neustadt/Wstr., high school diploma 1976, study of interior design in Kaiserslautern and Mainz, diploma 1981, degree of correspondance course in ecological building 1983, formation of his own company 1984, university teaching position at the Muthesius School, Kiel (FH). He also a  member of the BDIA since 1982, from 2001 until 2003 appointed as a member of the executive committee of the BDIA, delegate of the BDIA in the IFI, International Federation of Interior Designers, approval of the ECIA (European Council of Interior Architects) and admittance as “Member of Chartered Society of Designers” MCSD, London, 1997election as professional of the IIDA „International Interior Designer Association“ 1998, A member in the architectural association Hamburg since 1986, in the architectural association Bavaria since 1998 and in the architectural association Austria since 1996 contest committee of the architectural association Hamburg 2000, manager of JOI-Design GmbH in Hamburg, self-employed since 1984 appointment to the “Konvent der Baukultur 2010″

Visit the JOI-Design website – here.


Contemporary Receptionist Desk Cafe LogoContemporary Receptionist Desk Cafe Logo

Green LED Contemporary Receptionist Desk DesignGreen LED Contemporary Receptionist Desk Design

Contemporary Receptionist Desk PillarContemporary Receptionist Desk Pillar

Contemporary Receptionist Desk Interior DesignContemporary Receptionist Desk Interior Design

Blue LED Receptionist Desk DesignBlue LED Receptionist Desk Design

Receptionist Desk DesignReceptionist Desk Design

Receptionist Desk EntranceReceptionist Desk Entrance

Contemporary Receptionist Desk Bar DesignContemporary Receptionist Desk Bar Design

Contemporary Receptionist Desk Lounge Chair DesignContemporary Receptionist Desk Lounge Chair Design

Contemporary Receptionist Desk Table ConceptContemporary Receptionist Desk Table Concept

Receptionist Desk Section Table DesignReceptionist Desk Section Table Design

 Receptionist Desk Section Receptionist Desk Section

Receptionist Desk Upper Viewed Concept DesignReceptionist Desk Upper Viewed Concept Design

Contemporary Receptionist Desk for PwC CafeContemporary Receptionist Desk for PwC Cafe

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