El Mercado Restaurant by Oz Arq, A Triangular Site Restaurant

restaurant architecture designrestaurant architecture design

This restaurant is designed by Jaime Ortiz De Zevallos or Oz arq. The El Mercado restaurant is based in Lima, Peru. The interior design of El Mercado restaurant is designed by Maru Alvarez-Calderon. The project area of this restaurant is covers an area for about 550 sqm which built in 2009-2010. For more information of this great restaurant project bellow!

The El Mercado restaurant is precisely located in a difficult triangular site in the middle of the garage shop and cluster adobe housing in Lima’s tradition district of Miraflores. The space at there although in a narrow area but still able to provide the space area for build the restaurant, a kitchen-workshop and an offices for one of Peru’s top chefs. Its need a brilliant idea to take over the problem of the narrow area. The concept of this design is based in creating the two separate spaces which respond to the requirement of the project program. It makes the correlation between both of the public and the private space area. The tempered weather in Peru allowed placing the building project of the dining room in a spacious open garden /terrace/ defined by a recycled wooden front wall facade, masonry walls, an open kitchen and the wooden covered pastry room.

The major area also defined by a regular steel grid structure which carries a wooden cast exposed concrete volume which viewed in to the dining area of El Mercado restaurant and the peaks over into the street with the offices and the chef’s private kitchen. The space is defined by the project’s interaction of materials, planes and shape, and the levels of privacy as it engages the street. It creates a new green buffer area with its surroundings and proposes and proposes a new function for the neighborhood, while providing private space or area for visitor to take a rest.

The atmosphere of this restaurant is very great idea to let the visitor come in to this restaurant. Basically the climate of Peru is a tropical, so it is a little bit hot outside. This restaurant takes the advantage for that condition. El Mercado restaurant is built in an open large garden which the situation inside the restaurant is fresh and cool. It allows the visitor get the comfortable place to take a lunch. Great! Between the dining table is planted several trees to give the green view of the visitor. With the interior dining table made from wood, it gives the natural atmosphere at there. Just come and enjoy it!

Architect: Jaime Ortiz de Zevallos / Oz arq
Location: Lima, Peru
Intirior Design: Maru Alvarez-Calderon
Structural Engineer: Prisma Ing.
Project Area: 550 sqm
Project Year: 2009-2010
Photographs: Elsa Ramirez


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