L’Institut by LUNDI et DEMI, A Bookshelves Interior Design Library Concept Based in French Institute of Bucharest

L’Institut bookshelve designL’Institut bookshelve design

This which project is called the L’Institut, a building which is used for the bookstore. This bookstore is built by the LUNDI et DEMI architect which is based in French, precisely in French Institute Bucharest. For information, this bookstore building is one of the three nominees for the interior design prize at the Bucharest Architecture Biennale 2010.

L’Institut – Library Cafe par C?rture?ti actually hosted by the French Institute of Bucharest. Its main goal is the reinterpretation of the bookshelf. Bookshelf itself is the core element of a bookstore. Besides, it is very functional, structural and aesthetic redefinition, as well as of its relation to the hosting space and its user.

This site is plays an urgent rule in the library conception. The site itself uses the metal, wood and the glass as the materials. At the ground floor inside the institute is placed the two large rooms. Those room is can be accessed from the two story high main lobby. The main lobby is covered with a large skylight. In a dialog, there is a new intervention with the impressive architectural environment. This architectural environment is expressing its own personality, but it remaining respectful toward the 19th century building.

The bookstore is defined by the bookshelves. The bookshelves itself is distanced from the building’s wall and it is being positioned perpendicular to them. The temporary nature of the intervention is expressed by the relation between the building furniture and the building’s wall. The relation both of them also creates the secondary functional areas like reading corner, or the protection access to the balcony. In this building project, the materials are gaining the new role; the metal plates are used for the shelves and between them are placed the oak structural elements. While the backside of the bookshelf is made out of the glass panels which is together with the horizontal metal elements and the vertical woods part gives the bookshelf an airy, lightweight and the translucence silhouette. The decorative look is a result from the obligatory manner of the positioning of the wooden elements which is cannot be placed by one over from the other. The rhythm of the black wood parts is given by the partition of the windows and the interior glass doors. The cafe and reading areas are part of the main function of the bookstore and it is offering the readers a complete view of the rooms.


L’Institut reading room interior designL’Institut reading room interior design

L’Institut glasses bookshelve interior designL’Institut glasses bookshelve interior design

L’Institut large room interior designL’Institut large room interior design

L’Institut seat interior designL’Institut seat interior design

L’Institut second large room interior designL’Institut second large room interior design

L’Institut vertical bookshelve interior designL’Institut vertical bookshelve interior design

L’Institut contemporary sofa interior designL’Institut contemporary sofa interior design

L’Institut window interior designL’Institut window interior design

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