Loft Access with Modern Staircase Design by Tamir Addadi Architecture

The awkward ladder interior designThe awkward ladder interior design

This project is done by Tamir Addadi, a British architect, for design the loft access on the top floor of a Victorian house in London. The access to through the loft is commonly used the leader or the staircase. In this project, the architect challenged to design a contemporary staircase as a loft access which is previously the access to through the loft is used a non-permanent awkward ladder.

The loft access idea is come from the client itself. The client has ordered the designer to replace the ladder to the loft with the permanent staircase in order to improve the connection of the loft to the rest of the house, it because the client has decide to start using the loft itself as a study or research. The main challenge comes faced the designer along the order, the designer have to design a permanent staircase for the narrow area of 140×90 centimeters.

The designer has the solution for the challenge, he comes up with the design solution which will help to integrate the two differently designed floors-the wood –clad loft with its clean modern lines, and the carpeted Victorian lower floor with its engrave banister- without disturbing in each of their distinctive characters. The designer aimed to achieve this goal by designing the three minimal and separate elements which has the together function as a staircase but remain abstract in shape and it can be seen almost as pieces of the furniture which have been placed in the space rather than a fixed feature of either the lower or upper floor.

The designer has been widening the opening to the loft, and as a result of it is an increasing in the amount of the natural light which is coming in from the loft’s skylight into the originally quite dark which is landing of the lower floor. The effect is contributed by the narrowness of the stairs and the fact which they are slightly removed from the wall, as they let some light surround them. The another way to strengthening the connection between the floor is improving the flow of the light, besides it making the client  more interest to use the staircase and climb up into the loft.

Materials: 6mm welded and painted steel sheet, 50mm painted steel post, 20mm toughened glass.

  • Location: Islington, London
  • General contractor: Krzysztof Potocki
  • Metal work: Metalex
  • Structural engineer: HPS
  • Design: Tamir Addadi
  • Photography: Tamir Addadi


Loft entrance interior designLoft entrance interior design

modern staircase interior designmodern staircase interior design

Loft Access interior designLoft Access interior design

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Circular staircase interior designCircular staircase interior design

Circular Loft Access interior designCircular Loft Access interior design

Loft Access design In Victorian HouseLoft Access design In Victorian House

Loft space interior designLoft space interior design

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