Luxury Home Design, The Adamos Residence by Varda Studio

Luxury Home Design Black Sink InteriorLuxury Home Design Black Sink Interior

Luxury home design is completed designed by Varda Studio. They have completed designed a nice living space called the Adamos Residence which is based in Yermasoyia, Limassol, Cyprus. This living space covers project area for about 650 square meters.

Luxury Home Design Review

Nice home project which called the Adamos Residence, a luxury home design,  is completed designed by the architect Varda Studio. They designed this living space located in Yermasoyia, Limassol, Cyprus. With the elegant proportion of intersected volumes, the luxury residence is attracting the attention.

The entire house materials are converging the area, it is such as the white paint, fair face concrete, and wood highlights an architectural composition. Playful unexpected division of the walls between the yard and the garage entry visually closes relax zone, at the same time it is see-through.

It might be you will be love at the first sight when you are looking at this beautiful residence. This luxurious place will gives the entire place as elegant air; it is inviting you to discover this place which seems to contrast with the sky.

Luxury Home Design Architecture

Not only the building in itself, but also the garage, the pool with all types of fish, the yard full of plants and flowers which charm any eye, the inviting playground, all these things make the place attractive for everybody, no matter the age, everything seems to exist in order to make the staying even more pleasant.

Inside living space, the proportions seem to be perfect: from the big glass doors and windows, they are which allow to seeing everything from a new perspective, to the high quality of the materials, the elegant colorful furniture which is perfectly chosen for every corner.

By entering this nice dwelling, you breathe an air of charm and elegance, as every little thing is in its place. This thing is comes from the furniture, paintings and all sorts of the devices to flowers, colors and all the details which make the difference and transform the living space into an inspiring one, it is giving the impression of the wideness, comfort, elegance, intelligence, modernity. No matter from what angle you are looking, you get to the same conclusion: it is perfect

Architects: Vardastudio Architects & Designers
Location: Yermasoyia, Limassol, Cyprus
Client: Adamos & Ioanna Serafide
Project area: 650 sqm
Project year: 2010
Photographs: Christos Papantoniou

Visit the Vard Studio website – here.

Photography by Christos Papantoniou


Luxury Home Design White Bathroom InteriorLuxury Home Design White Bathroom Interior

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Luxury Home Design Luxury Bathroom InteriorLuxury Home Design Luxury Bathroom Interior

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Luxury Home Design Spacious Bedroom InteriorLuxury Home Design Spacious Bedroom Interior

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Luxury Home Design Luxury Living RoomLuxury Home Design Luxury Living Room

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