Modern Apartment Interior Design in London by Chiara Ferrari

Clink Street Apartment Spacious Interior DesignClink Street Apartment Spacious Interior Design

Modern apartment interior design is completed designed by Chiara Ferrari interior designer. They have completed designed a modern apartment interior design of an apartment which is based in London, England. This apartment is called the Clink Street Apartment

Modern Apartment Interior Design Review

Chiara Ferrari has completed designed an apartment interior design project which located in London, England. They have designed the interior for an apartment called the Clink Street Apartment. In designing the interior design, the designer considering the privacy feeling as they planned for.

Everybody loves privacy, it’s the main brief which priorities by the designer. With the privacy feeling, nobody can not know what you are doing inside your dwelling. When you are eating, or wearing clothes that you wear, it’s more safety if you have privacy. Too much information about you exposed to other persons might affect your relationships, your image and influence a lot your daily life. Sometimes it is nice to keep certain things just for you and you will see that you will become a more interesting and attractive person.

But, when it comes to refer to designer living space concept, the dwelling might prefer more space instead of more privacy. They designed a spacious living space which will allow you more freedom; it will make you feel morecomfortable and more relaxed.

Modern Apartment Interior Design Plan

As mentioned above, this apartment indoor area is made to provide a large spacious interior. There are no room dividers between the kitchen dining and living room areas and the windows of this apartment are large.

Inside this apartment interior, bright color such as white is dominating its space, although sometimes it is contrasted by the appearance of some black, natural wood or grey nuances. All these elements are meant to increase the amount of light and the idea of the space of this lovely apartment. Even you may also enjoy a nice cup of coffee or tea on the balcony which will offer great views of the river.


Clink Street Apartment Dining Room Interior DesignClink Street Apartment Dining Room Interior Design

Clink Street Apartment Kitchen Interior DesignClink Street Apartment Kitchen Interior Design

Clink Street Apartment Living Room InteriorClink Street Apartment Living Room Interior

Clink Street Apartment Roof Deck DesignClink Street Apartment Roof Deck Design

Clink Street Apartment Bedroom Interior DesignClink Street Apartment Bedroom Interior Design

Modern Apartment Interior Design BedroomModern Apartment Interior Design Bedroom

Modern Apartment Interior Modern Design Toilet InteriorModern Apartment Interior Modern Design Toilet Interior

Modern Apartment Interior Design Toilet InteriorModern Apartment Interior Design Toilet Interior

Modern Apartment Interior Bedroom InteriorModern Apartment Interior Bedroom Interior

Modern Apartment Interior Bathroom EntranceModern Apartment Interior Bathroom Entrance

Modern Apartment Interior Sink InteriorModern Apartment Interior Sink Interior

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