Modern Home Design by studio MWA

Dulieu Residence North Elevation Architecture DesignDulieu Residence North Elevation Architecture Design

This is it, a home sweet home with an accent like being in heaven, I think. Home is a safe place to take a rest after doing the tiring and boring day, so it has to be as comfortable as it can. This is the example, the heavenly house which called the Dulie Residence. It is a comfortable house which might be dreamed by everyone. Check the review below!

Based on the information which I have gathered in the previous, this modern home design which called the Dulieu Residence is completed designed by the famous studio MWA ltd. – studio Mikulcic Worldwide Architecture. This beautiful living space is located in 1059 Akatarawa Road, Upper hutt, New Zealand. The architect said that his client named Dianne and Barry Dulieu, the house name can be from the client’s name of course.

For me, to have sites like this are a dream. Quite often I have the feeling that living away from the rest of the world being hugged by the nature. The fantastic view, total privacy, site approach is from about 75 m above the site, its proximity to the River, are just some of details that make the site special. Being located just on the edge of the 100 year flood zone; it’s a natural amphitheatre with bush surrounding hills in close proximity. From the start a decision was made to slightly elevate the site further. Well, I suppose the final design, building setting, choice of materials, textures and colors say more than I can express with words. The images do the talking for themselves.

On project, the brief is developed together with the client. But from the start, I think it was obvious that a simple single story design using natural materials, quality orientation to capture sun to take advantage of passive solar energy heating, rainwater and spring water collection, environmentally responsible sewer treatment, with a sustainable approach was ideal. A Black butterfly was definitely one of the initial ideas and even in execution looks like a beautiful creature. And the final house is easy to live in, with indoor-outdoor flow, low maintenance, but the openness and simplicity are the main characteristics of this design. To create a residential project which has nearly 70% of exterior walls in glass is always very challenging in order to follow the standards and requirements, but we achieved all that and even more.

Well, in the end I have to admire this beautiful architecture and the interior design. To be honest, this is also my dream home for my own family in the future. Thanks for the attention and the time. Have a nice day!



Dulieu Residence North West ElevationDulieu Residence North West Elevation

Dulieu Residence Main BathroomDulieu Residence Main Bathroom

Dulieu Residence North West Elevation DetailDulieu Residence North West Elevation Detail

Dulieu Residence Deck ArchitectureDulieu Residence Deck Architecture

Dulieu Residence Kitchen Interior DesignDulieu Residence Kitchen Interior Design

Modern Home Design by studio MWAModern Home Design by studio MWA

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