Modern Home Design by Upsetters Architects

Modern Home Design by Upsetters ArchitectsModern Home Design by Upsetters Architects

Hi guys! In this moment I would like to review about a modern home design. The House in Eifukucho, which is what I called this modern Japanese home design. Like I said in the previous post about a Japanese home design, I always love Japanese home architecture. It used to attract me. More information after the break!

Recently I have gathered information about a Japanese home design called House in Eifukucho. This living space is completed designed by the Upsetters Architects. The architect completed designed this living space in Eifukucho, Tokyo, Japan. To be amazed, this living space is covers area for about 124.81. It is completed in 2011.

Based on the information I have searched, the architect designed this living space for a couple with a child. Based on the pictures, the site has three significant characteristics. First, it is located in an upland residential area with an excellent view. Second, its shape is unique, like a flag and a staff. Third, it has a long driveway, longer than 15 meters.

By focusing the primarily on two points, the architect took advantage of these characteristic. First, the architect elevated the core living space by three meters to maximize its stunning views. Second, the architect incorporated the exterior space into the living space. It seems that specifically, the architect linked the driveway which is an agreed private alley, to the garden with an approach passing under the raised core space which preserves moderate privacy. People can enjoy the breathtaking view anywhere in the raised story without obstruction. They may also see Mt. Fuji from the small glassed-in penthouse on the roof on a clear day. Great isn’t?

The structure is twofold. The first story is reinforced concrete while the second story is wood. This gives the house the appearance of being lifted along with part of its foundation. The other part of foundation on the side of the slope serves as a new retaining wall. These consequently give the house a 7-meter wide outdoor space with a minimal structure: the foundation and the fewest legs.

Well guys, I think it is enough to talk so much; actually it is all I have got. I hope this information is enough for you. To be honest I love this home design very much. Have a nice day guys!



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