Modern STAR Pendant Lighting Design by Rodrigo Vairinhos

Modern Lightning Design by Rodrigo VairinhosModern Lightning Design by Rodrigo Vairinhos

Here it is a new creation in pendant light design, a modern lighting design called the STAR Pendant Lamps. I love the design is the first sign, so I would like to review it and share it to you. As the information, this pendant light has shown in SaloneSatellite in Milan. The one who has exhibited this pendant light, and have create it, he is Rodrigo Vairinhos of NEO Design.

Based on the info which I have gathered, NEO Design is a design studio which established late 2005 by the Portuguese Industrial Designer. They form a former studio; this institution became what it is today the brand NEO. Their design philosophy aims in creating a concept of everyday products with a strong character, which is the design language and the quality are clearly seen on the creations of the creative director, the designer Rodrigo Vairinhos.

Without lacking elegance and the freshness which mirrors at best their contemporary panorama, I think those creations unify the functionality and the aesthetics and they feature the multifunctional. I guess this pendant light design, STAR Pendant lamp, is a diamond shaped shade lamp which is inspired by the Origami construction, a Japanese paper folding art.

This pendant light features a composition of the folded surfaces which are similar to the flexibility and the lightness of the paper. Lightness and flexibility also played an important role when it came to the material selection. About 2mm aluminum plate was the raw material selected in order to create the whole structure.

I think in designing this modern lighting design, the designer tried to concentrate his work on the light/shadow interaction between the core lighting bulb and the object itself, as it provides a reflection on its high glossy surfaces.
STAR transmits warmth and a certain harmony but you can clearly see drama and movement on the most varied interior combinations. Interior designers will be able to create the most casual and glamorous environments, “romantic” and chic. STAR product variations include STAR 850 and STAR 450.

Material: Aluminum

STAR 850 – Ø: 850mm H:538mm
Weight: 3,2 Kg

STAR 450 – Ø: 450mm H:343mm


STAR Pendant Lamps DesignSTAR Pendant Lamps Design

STAR Pendant Lamps Detail ImageSTAR Pendant Lamps Detail Image

STAR Pendant Lamps SurfaceSTAR Pendant Lamps Surface

The STAR Pendant Lamps DesignThe STAR Pendant Lamps Design

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