Museum Design by Zaha Hadid

Museum Design by Zaha HadidMuseum Design by Zaha Hadid

When we talk about the museum, it is very identic with an old thing inside, so it can affect the building itself look so old. But it is different, here it is a modern museum building called the Broad Art Museum. This is a rather modern building design, and it is look so futuristic. Feel curious about this museum design? Then check the review below!

Recently, I have got the information about that this museum which called the Broad Art Museum was completed designed by Zaha Hadid in 2007. It is large museum which covers area for about 4000 meters square. This large area is donated by alumnus Eli Broad and his wife, Edythe. It will provide the ample space for the large art installations and the galleries which is dedicated to the “international contemporary culture and ideas through art”.

About the building itself, I think the design takes the cues from the surrounding topography as the volume seeks to extend and emphasize the existing circulatory and the visual connections. The architect explained that creating the great curiosity yet never fully revealing its content. Manifested in a series of pleats, the building’s abstracted connections create linear perspective lines that change are the visitor moves past and through the building.

Based on my picture review, the building is achieved by folding these different circulation and the visual connections to create an ‘urban carpet’ which brings together and negotiates the different pathways on which people move through and around the site. I guess that in all of the architect work, they first investigate and research the landscape, topography and the circulation, to ascertain and understand the critical lines of the connection. The building is truly embedded into its surrounding by extending these lines to form their design. You can check the image after the break!

So how is that? The architect, Zaha Hadid has proved us that the museum is not only identic with and old thing; it can be more modern and attractive too. Nice isn’t? Have a nice day guys.



Broad Art Museum Architecture DesignBroad Art Museum Architecture Design

Broad Art Museum GalleryBroad Art Museum Gallery

Broad Art Museum EnvironmentBroad Art Museum Environment

Broad Art Museum Interior DesignBroad Art Museum Interior Design

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