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Classic Minimalist Blank Space – Open Plan Home Interior Decor

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Home design, Interior design. Warehouse, wharves, factories, tanners, hospital and schools all over London have been converted to residential use. Initially considered by many to be a passing fad, living in a former manufacturing or traditional housing. Owner appreciate single-level living and the fact that they have a blank space on which to imprint their own style. In this case the term 'loft-living' is not used, as the ...
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Simple Minimalist Two Traditional Stuccied Houses Rebuilding in St Tropez France

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Home design, Interior design. Even in the frequently dazzling light of the South of France many owners and designers now use massive sheets of glass to link houses seamlessly to their gardens and to expose views in a way that was unheard of in the past. Two Belgian designers took on the challenge of rebuilding these two traditional stuccoed houses, set on a hillside above St Tropez, which they have linked by a new ...
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Contemporary Minimalist Decorating From ex Mid-Victorian London House

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Home design, Interior design. The Sri Lankan owner of this mid-Victorian London house had very definite ideas about his ideal home: hislifestyle - that of constant international travel - was the driving force behind his need for simplicity. The majority of the work undertaken to convert the semi-derelict property required a like-minded architect and a skilled builder to achieve such a polished result. Much of the design ...
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Unplanned Decorating Minimalist Apartment in London

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Apartment design, Interior design. Buing off-plan can be risky business, but this apartment was purchased without a plan at all, just an empty space with walls, plenty of windows and a roof. The owners spend a lot time in California and were concerned that wherever they lived in London would never be light enough. The solution was a roof-top above a warehouse conversion. It was never intended that it should remain as one vast ...