School Interior Design of Missouri State University

School Corridor Interior DesignSchool Corridor Interior Design

School interior design is completed designed by the architect Dake | Wells Architecture. This game center for a Missouri State University is located in Springfield, Missouri, USA and it is covers an area for about 10,000 square meters. This school game center is designed in 2009.

This game center of a school interior design project which is designed by the Dake | Wells Architecture is divides a once stale space into a youthful lounge atmosphere. The architect design approach is focused on the dramatic lighting and creating small gathering spaces which is partitioned by the light. The Dake | Wells Architecture’s approach used the light partition as a metaphor for gooey, amber, transparent bear treat, “HONEY”, instead of overused school colors or the typical BEARS mascot. Yet subtle relationship to the University while making the space special and memorable, the qualities of the honey create an undeniable of it. The variations in mood to define the different areas of the program are created by the simply reorganizing light.

School Interior Design Solution

The architect design solution is informed by a desire for the sustainable strategies and a limited renovation budget of the $11/square foot. The honey wall partition which is designed by the architect is functioned to define the space and creates a privacy while framing the views and establishing a dramatic mood through the use of the amber light. By the architect, the salvaged light fixtures are reorganized and the existing acoustical ceiling grid is left in place, except for a portion which is removed in the honey wall zone to establish hierarchy in the space. The steel plate shelves identify places for socialization. It is also to frame the views through the wall. Inside the school game center, the dramatic space has re-established itself as a social node on the campus.

Architect: Dake | Wells Architecture
Location: Springfield, Missouri, USA
Project Area: 10,000 sqf
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Architectural Imageworks


School Interior Design FrameSchool Interior Design Frame

School Interior Design Game CenterSchool Interior Design Game Center

School Interior Design LightingSchool Interior Design Lighting

School Interior Design PartitionSchool Interior Design Partition

School Interior Design Concept ArchitectureSchool Interior Design Concept Architecture

School Interior Design Floor PlanSchool Interior Design Floor Plan

Missouri State University Interior DesignMissouri State University Interior Design

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