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Potxonea House architecture design by OS3 arkitektura

Home Design by OS3 arkitektura

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Home design. Today in this perfect opportunity I would like to try review about a modern home design. This is a simple home design which has a modern accent. In the great city, a building has to stand based on the council. Maximizing the site, yes it is a must. The how the architects realize it? Well, see below guys! This home design is called the Potxonea House. It was completed designed by the OS3 ...
contemporary home architecture design by Uri Cohen Architects

Contemporary Home Design in Israel

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Home design. Home is always being the most interesting topic to talk about, of course because everyone very addict for create their own beautiful house. Today I bring the nice topic about a home design; it’s a contemporary home design indeed. Maybe someday you will have the same home like this home which called the Beam House. Well guys, see below if you want to know more! This home which called the Beam ...
Contemporary Home architecture design

Contemporary Home Design in Kamakura City, Japan

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Home design. Hi guys! I have an interesting post for today; it’s about a contemporary home design. This home design is a rather new idea in its category. To be honest, this is my first time to see a home which has new architecture design, you will see the image, and I have inserted it in this post. Well guys, if you feel curious yet about this contemporary home design then give it a break! This ...
Heatherland Pool House architecture design by Satellite Architects

Hetherland Pool Home Design Renovation by Satellite Architects

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Home design. Actually this is just a renovation home project which is done by the architect, but it is an impressive home design. Yes in this perfect moment I would like to review about a home design. A living space which located in United Kingdom (UK). Well guys I bet this one will attract you too, give it a break then! This renovation home design of a home which called the Hetherland Pool House was ...