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Small Space Office Furniture

Home Office Furniture For Small Spaces

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Furniture design, Interior design, Office design. Hello guys! Today I would like to share about the Home Office Furniture For Small Spaces. Manage the small space is the important thing to do, more over the furniture have to exist inside the office space because this is absolutely important items too. Then what furniture which is should exist inside the small space office and how to arrange it? Well then see below for more complete ...
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Classic Home Studio with Italian and English Furniture

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Home design, Interior design. A deep, distressed Pompeiian red begins at the entrance of this London house and goes all the way up the staircase, setting the scene for a home that was designed for the owners and their very special collection of Roman sculpture. The rather complicated red-brick Chelsea house was originally designed as a home and studio, which suited the new incumbents, both of whom are collectors and ...
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Artistic Luxury Home with Antiques Furniture in London

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Home design, Interior design. The homes of antiques dealers tend to imitate their shops or a stand at a fair and this south London house no exception. The owners, who dislike polite, safe furniture, live in an exotic and eccentric setting, filled with plunder from all over the world. One could say that is less about design and more about haphazard display, but a closer look reveals that order and artistic flair govern the ...
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Classic European Home with Asian Antiques Furniture in Chel Embankment London

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Home design, Interior design. Located in an enviable positions on London's Chel Embankment, this substantial corner house has sweeping river views, large rooms and appropriately high ceilings. A complete redesign and refurbishment was carried out by a Mun-rich-based designer for her German client, whose brief focused of total comfort and relaxation. She has achieved a synthesis between a very classic European style combined ...