Small Office Building Design Bercy Chen Studio

bercy chen outdoor material design studio photobercy chen outdoor material design studio photo

Located in East 11th Street of Austin Texas, Bercy Chen Studio is mixed three floor building. The ground floor used as boutique retail and musical instrument shop. The next floor (2nd floor) used for office tenants. The rest floor (3rd floor) used as resident spaces. The site volume line up with city landmark, like Texas State Capitol and the UT Austin Tower. This office building designs studio form mime the geological exfoliation of the central Texas landscape, known as ‘Enchanted Rock’, similar as Australian’s Ayres Rock, but in Texas.

Building shape effect is unexpected terrace and canopies outdoors. Each floor has several non orthogonal balconies. Second level building get direct light from Texas morning sun. Floor plate at the rear of the modern office building studio bound between the commercial scale in the front and residential in the back. Really great small office interior design ideas.

  • Project: 11th Street Building Studio Design
  • Location: Austin, Texas
  • Architects: Bercy Chen Studio

All photo credit and copyright by: Bercy Chen Studio

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bercy chen studio line up texas capitolbercy chen studio line up texas capitol

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