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The Fontana Apartment Modern Sink Interior Design

The Fontana Apartment By Mark English Architects, A Sexy, Streamlined Apartment Interior Design

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Apartment design, Interior design. An apartment interior design is completed designed by the architects Mark English Architects. This interior design is designed for the Fontana Apartment which is based in San Francisco, California. The sweeping view fills the space from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Bay Bridge. This apartment is a reinvention of an early 1960’s unit in one of two semi-circular apartments’ towers near the ...
Hayvenhurst House Sink Before Renovation

Hayvenhurst House Remodel By Dan Brunn, A Great Renovation Living Space Interior Design

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Home design, Interior design, Sustainable design. A great house renovation project is completed designed by the architect Dan Brunn. This living space design is located in Encino, California. To a design project, the price, speed and quality are always the main elements. The architects are always striving for the perfect equilibrium whether it is a remodel or a ground up project. The architect is started with an existing ranch style house in the ...
Brentwood Residence Modern Sink Interior Design

Brentwood Residence Interiors by MLK Studio, A Warm And Comfortable Living Space Interior Design

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Furniture design, Home design, Interior design. A nice interior design is completed designed by the architect MLK Studio interior designer for the Brentwood Residence and a guesthouse. This interior design of a residence is the result of the collaboration between MLK Studio and Belzberg Architects, who have designed the home in Los Angeles, California. Those architects are asked to create a complete interior design scheme for a 10,000 ...
The Sugar Bowl Residence Bathtub Interior Design

The Sugar Bowl Residence By John Maniscalco Architecture, A Nice Wooden Snowy Living Space Architecture Design

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Building design, Home design. A snow full residence which is called the Sugar Bowl Residence is completed designed by the architect John Maniscalco Architecture. This residence is based in Norden, California. This residence is precisely built in the old village at Sugar Bowl and this construction is entirely a product of its dramatic environment. The site conditions is dictate the design with a snow pack of as much as 8-9 ...