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Modern efficient shelving ideas

The Small Office Storage Solutions Ideas

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Office design. Hi guys! Today I would like to share to you about the Small Office Storage Solutions. I will give ideas how to manage and organize the storage in small office space. It seems like a challenge, but actually this is easier than you think, if you follow my suggestion of course. Well guys, see below if you want to know more! Actually, maintaining a functional office is a small space may seem like ...
modern advertising agencies office interior layour pictures

Advertising Agencies Office Interior Design – The BrandBase Pallet in Amsterdam Netherland

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Interior design, Office design. A  semi-permanent furnishment for the new modern office location combined with an explicit desire to give space to the material, authentic recycable, providing creative director Marvin Pupping and  MOST Architecture idea to use the Euro-pallets for a particular design. Pallet structure, a landscape, open-autonomous character gradually changes, facilitating all the advertising agencies offices. ...