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The Chimney House Entry Side Architecture Design

The Chimney House in Bosschenhoofd By Onix Architects, A Nice Wooden Plank Surfaced House Architecture Design

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Architecture design, Building design, Home design. A beautiful wooden surfaced living space design which called the Chimney House is completed designed by the architect Onix Architects. This living space is designed in Bosschenhoofd, The Netherlands. This nice living space project has a simple main volume with a rectangular floor plan and a saddleback roof design. The fact which the chimney is a disappearing feature in the architecture design of ...
The Pure C Stone Wall Interior Design

The Pure C By Lieven Musschoot, A Modern Contemporary Bar Interior Design

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Interior design, Lounge design. A modern contemporary bar design is finished design by the Lieven Musschoot. This bar project which is called the Pure C Bar is designed in Cadzand-Bad, The Netherlands. This bar design is designed for everyone, a relaxed atmosphere with lots of lighting interior design, white interior and nature elements. By the architect, the whole interior is tailored to the sweeping views from the impressive ...
Urban Housing Bathroom Interior Design

Urban Housing in Nieuw Leyden By 24H Architects, A Nice Facade Of The Amazing Wooden Living Space Design

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Building design, Home design, Interior design. A nice wooden house which called the Urban Housing is completed designed by the architect 24H Architects. This living space design is designed in Nieuw Leyden, which is precisely located in the north of the city of Leiden, in The Netherlands. The architect has designed two ecological houses within the urban plan of Nieuw Leyden. Which is designed by the architect, the building block is consist of ...
The Villa Geldrop Kitchen Area Interior Design

The Simple And Minimalist Villa Geldrop Designed By Hofman Dujardin Architects

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Architecture design, Building design, Villa design. The great villa called Villa Geldrop in The Netherlands is completed designed by the Hofman Dujardin Architects. This villa project is precisely located at the end of the site next to the existing barn. Through a long cut in the landscape of the house is anchored on the large surrounding. At this long sectional patio under the ground level is located the bedrooms. At the ground level and the 1st ...