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Dulieu Residence North Elevation Architecture Design

Modern Home Design by studio MWA

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Architecture design, Home design. This is it, a home sweet home with an accent like being in heaven, I think. Home is a safe place to take a rest after doing the tiring and boring day, so it has to be as comfortable as it can. This is the example, the heavenly house which called the Dulie Residence. It is a comfortable house which might be dreamed by everyone. Check the review below! Based on the information which I have ...
Wing Installation Design

Contemporary Pendant Light by David Trubridge

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Interior design, Lighting design. Modern, cozy and artistic, maybe the exact words which perfect to say for this contemporary pendant light design. Lately, I have got the info that this pendant light installation was created by David Trubridge, he is a New Zealand based designer. That was shown at Superstudio Piú, David designing this pendant light installation for Milan Design Week. I guess in designing this pendant light ...
Residential Home Design Section Architecture

the No.8 Residential Home Design by Jonathan Gibb

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Architecture design, Building design. Residential home design which called the No.8 Residential Residence is completed designed by the architect Jonathan Gibb. This residential project is a paper architecture explorative analysis of the house; it is relative to the landscape of the central Otago. The aesthetic of this residential is a bold foray of built shape which is placed in conversance to the surroundings as the title ...
Home Design Ventilation

Home Design in New Zealand by Geoff Fletcher Architects

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Beach house design, Home design. Home design which located in a sea shore is completed designed by the Geoff Fletcher Architects. This new living space is designed in Kapiti, New Zealand. In this sea shore site, this new living space is covers area for about 70 square meters, it is including the house decks. This home was progressed in 2010. Based on the client’s briefing, the architect is asked to create a discreet and a ...