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Santa Rita Restaurant Kitchen Interior Design

Restaurant Interior Designs by Pedro Pacheo

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Interior design, Restaurant design. Restaurant interior designs completed designed by the architect Pedro Pacheco. This restaurant which called the Santa Rita restaurant. Designed in 2011, this restaurant is covers area for about 90 square meters. It is located in Lisbon, Portugal. This restaurant interior designs project is precisely sited in Lisbon’s historical center, it is on the ground floor of a Pombalinian building. ...
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El Mercado Restaurant by Oz Arq, A Triangular Site Restaurant

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Architecture design, Interior design, Restaurant design. This restaurant is designed by Jaime Ortiz De Zevallos or Oz arq. The El Mercado restaurant is based in Lima, Peru. The interior design of El Mercado restaurant is designed by Maru Alvarez-Calderon. The project area of this restaurant is covers an area for about 550 sqm which built in 2009-2010. For more information of this great restaurant project bellow! The El Mercado restaurant is ...