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Hotel Sezz Bathub Interior Design

Hotel Sezz Saint-Tropez By Christophe Pillet, A Beautiful Tropical Hotel Architecture Design

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Hotel design, Interior design. The great hotel architecture design is completed designed by the French designer Christophe Pillet. The architect created the hotel interior design of the Hotel Sezz which is located in Saint-Tropez, France. This hotel is providing the nice and comfortable interior design which is designed by the architect. Precisely located in Saint Tropez, French, this hotel is designed in the tropical ...
East Hotel Luxury Bedroom Interior Design

East Hotel By CL3 Architects, A Nice Hotel Interior Design Which Full Of Chinese Atmosphere

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Hotel design, Interior design, Lighting design. The great hotel design which called East Hotel is completed designed by the CL3 Architects. This hotel is located in Hongkong. This hotel project is a business hotel which is located in a residential/commercial neighborhood in Hongkong. It takes a different look at the hotel design by planning from the inside-out. In approximately 4, 5 years ago, the interior design of this hotel was appointed ...
The House edge design

Living on the Edge by Arjen Reas, Find The Peacefulness On The Edge In The City

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Architecture design, Home design. The project which is called “Living on the edge” is completed finished by the Dutch architect Arjen Reas. This project which is a private assignment is designed by the architect for an entrepreneur from the city center. The question is posed, how can the family find the peace on the edge of that same city? This site is precisely located where the city and the open planes meet, and therefore ...
greece villa design

Villas With Pools Greece – The Wide Open Villa by Klab Architects

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Architecture design, Interior design, Villa design. Monolitic greece villa with two fundamental part : one along the road curved and one planar to the private garden. From outside the building has character, almost monumental. Inside, the plan and part of working together to create a fluid space that ruin the initial impression of monumental by inviting extended  exterior view to enter. Monumental same language has been transferred to the ...