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Victorian House kitchen interior design

Modern Contemporary Victorian House by Tamer Added

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Architecture design, Building design, Home design. The contemporary extension for a Victorian House which is based in London, England, has completed designed by the British architect Tamir Addadi. To allowing the nature to play a significant part in the daily activities of the family, the project is intended to create a sense of the unity between the back garden and the house. Which is the site of the Victorian House is precisely located in a ...
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Luxury Victorian France Style Apartment Design

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Apartment design, Interior design. Linking two or more apartments together has made possible the creation of several dream homes featured in this book. The Parisian, but London-based, owner of this very French interior was able to join two apartments and successfully ensure that he achieved the desired flow of space as well as the correct proportion and scale. The best rooms in the wonderful nineteenth-century stucco houses of ...
luxury main bedroom interior design

17th Century Style Country House Design in Oxford England

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Home design, Interior design. The acquisition of a country house is often a tale of falling in love, not something that was difficult in this case, as the location in the Windrush Valley, a short distance from Oxford, is one of the most sought-after in England.This beautiful homes designs, originally a pair of late fifteenth-century cottages, had been enlarged in all directions over the centuries. In the late 1990s it had ...
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18th Century Elizabethan House Remodelling to Country House in North-East England

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Home design, Interior design. The old stone Dower House in north-east England was in urgent need of sympathy and restoration when the current owners came across it. Originally Elizabethan, it was rebuilt in 1801, but much of its character had been lost after generations of remodeling and partitioning. To create the perfect family home takes courage, talent and the knowledge that so much of the expenditure will be unseen, ...