The Tang Palace, A Convenient and Modern Restaurant by Feichang Jianzhu Studio

Tang Palace restaurant interior designTang Palace restaurant interior design

The Tang Palace Restaurant is designed by Feichang Jianzhu Studio which is based in Jianggan District, Hangzhou, China. , precisely on the top of a superstore in the new-town area of Hangzhou. The top of this superstore is about 9 meters, so in this restaurant you can see the beautiful view in the south side of this restaurant, how amazing! The main material is bamboo board made from strong China Bamboo which is very famous to create bamboo art. With this bamboo decoration of this restaurant, you can feel the combined theme of both conventional and modernity.Brilliant! This restaurant project was built in 2010 which covers an area for about 2.460 sq m.

To take the advantage of the height of this restaurant which 9 meters high from the ground, several private rooms are hanged from the roof; this is located on the main hall. This idea is to create the new atmosphere between both the upper and the lower level of this restaurant, also for enriching the visual enjoyment for the visitor. The original building of this restaurant has a core column and some semi-oval blocks that essentially disorganized the space. There for the designer of this restaurant wants to reform the space with a large transparent-out ceiling which is created from interweaves thin bamboo boards. And enlarge from the wall along to the ceiling. Within the main hall, a dramatic visual expression is created by the waved ceiling itself. The hollowed-out bamboo net maintains the original height of this restaurant and thus creates the interactive relation between both upper levels and lower levels. The core column of this restaurant is wrapped with the light-transmitting bamboo boards to form a light-box. It transforms the previously heavy concrete block into a light and lively focus object.

The theme of bamboo also found in the entrance of the hall. The wall of it is covered by the bamboo material that follows the original outline of the wall. It turning the entrance into a wavy surface. As a result, the surface echoes the hall ceiling as well as performs a guiding function for customers.

There is a difference characteristic design of the private room. The room on the first level is relatively bigger than the other and it share the features of expanded bamboo net from the wall along to the ceiling and ornamental carved the wall surface. Besides, the vary of folding angles and carved pattern are make each room differ from the other. The upper room in the south side is smaller. Also it is featured a special waved ceiling pattern and simple bamboo wall surface. All of it creates an interesting and large room features. The suspended rooms which connected with suspended bridge and side-way alley are the main design concept of the space. The semi-transparent wall provides a fine relationship between the inner and outer spaces.confer the visitor with a special spatial experience.

This design project is intended to create the new diversified and yet an interrelated interior space through the differ usages of the new bamboo material decoration concept. To responding the local culture while look for the intriguing the spatial effects.

Architects: Atelier Feichang Jianzhu
Location: Jianggan District, Hangzhou, China
Principal Designer: Chang Yung Ho
Design Team: Lin Yi-hsuan, Yu Yue, Wu Xia, Suiming Wang
Client: HongKong Tang Palace Food&Beverage Group Co., LTD.
Project Area: 2,460 sqm
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Shu He


contemporary bamboo interior designcontemporary bamboo interior design

Tang Palace ceiling interior designTang Palace ceiling interior design

Tang Palace lower room interior designTang Palace lower room interior design

Tang Palace upper level hall stair designTang Palace upper level hall stair design

Tang Palace stair interior designTang Palace stair interior design

Tang Palace private room interior designTang Palace private room interior design

Tang Palace room interior designTang Palace room interior design

Tang Palace table interior designTang Palace table interior design

several Tang Palace private rooms interior designseveral Tang Palace private rooms interior design

Tang Palace section architecture designTang Palace section architecture design

Tang Palace master plan architecture designTang Palace master plan architecture design

Tang Palace second floor plan architecture designTang Palace second floor plan architecture design

Tang Palace ground floor plan architecture designTang Palace ground floor plan architecture design

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