Ubon House By Supermachine Studio, A Semi-Open Luxury Villa Architecture Design

Ubon House Corridor Interior DesignUbon House Corridor Interior Design

A great villa house architecture design which called Ubon House is completed designed by the Supermachine Studio. This beautiful villa is designed in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand. Based on the idea of the young couple owner, this villa is built around the exciting core. The husband of the client would like to make his working and living life, even more it is  inseparable by placing his working room hovering over the swimming pool so that he can dive into the pool directly from his table whenever he is stressful.

This villa is precisely located in 600 kilometers east of Bangkok, Unbonratchathani is a city with one of Thailand important River, Moon River. The architect client, a couple of a young family, chooses to build their living space just outside of the city. The villa site is very close to the river and by meandering the river to the north side; it has created a splendid view towards the loneliness green swamp. The beauty is right in front but on the other side of the living space is the depot for his supermarket chain. Life and work is never so far apart. In the living space, the small working room is the main keychain which link different part of the activities in their daily life, in such a context. Which is protruding over the 20 meter long swimming pool on the ground, the room is elevated to the second floor. The big glass window opening is frames the scene of the sole nature outside, and this place is where the client spend all the “in between” time such as after waking up, after coming back from their work place or before going to bed. The room of this living space is to accommodate those unclear working and living activities in the modern personal lifestyle; playing the game, having coffee, checking the emails or jumping into the water.

The villa is takes a lot of the tropical and social factors into the consideration, although it is built with the modern architectural language. The ground floor will be fully ventilated by the natural wind South-North, it is when the sliding gates and the glass doors on the ground floor are fully opened. Then the living space is extended outward to the terrace and swimming pool, making it one of the whole continuous spaces. To encourage non air-con living as much as possible, this semi-open space is configured. This villa architectural setting is similar to the old traditional Thai house where the enclosed space is elevated leaving the ground free for multipurpose family living.

Visit the Supermachine Studio website – here.

Photography by Jaroonrat Vithoosuwan & Pirak Anurakyawachon


Ubon House Work Space Interior DesignUbon House Work Space Interior Design

Ubon House Terrace Interior DesignUbon House Terrace Interior Design

Ubon House Upper Viewed Living Room Interior DesignUbon House Upper Viewed Living Room Interior Design

Ubon House Living Room Interior DesignUbon House Living Room Interior Design

Ubon House Hovering Over Building Architecture DesignUbon House Hovering Over Building Architecture Design

Ubon House Large Swimming Pool Architecture DesignUbon House Large Swimming Pool Architecture Design

Ubon House Facade Architecture DesignUbon House Facade Architecture Design

Ubon House Hovering Over To The Swimming PoolUbon House Hovering Over To The Swimming Pool

Ubon House Pool Architecture DesignUbon House Pool Architecture Design

Ubon House Rear Building Architecture DesignUbon House Rear Building Architecture Design

The Ubon House Architecture DesignThe Ubon House Architecture Design

Ubon House Section Architecture DesignUbon House Section Architecture Design

Ubon House Elevation Architecture DesignUbon House Elevation Architecture Design

Ubon House Building Architecture DesignUbon House Building Architecture Design

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