Urban Office Building Plan Architecture Design in 14th Street by Minervini Vandermark Architecture

urban office building architecture designurban office building architecture design

Designed and built by a young architectural firm appears to house their expanding design studio, this four story building using a mix has been instrumental in the revitalization of the industrial urban environment it calls home. The 50′x50′ lot sits mid-block along the cobblestone street in the shadow of an elevated icon ‘Viaduct ‘. The desire to create an ultra-modern, inviting environment while celebrating the historical context of the industry is an important goal right from the beginning. To end that the final building designs have incorporated key elements from the surrounding environment. The two upper floors, which the housing component has 3 units residential component, which encased steel corten, honest and simple industrial materials used widely in pre-war bridge structure adjacent. Corten been allowed to weather naturally since that was founded to bring out the beautiful life has a protective rust.

The skew “pencil” columns supporting the building housing the box above playfully imitating viaducts structural elements. In addition to reflect their environment, generate ideas staggered column weights. Its almost as if, in challenging gravity, the box will be washed away if not tethered to the ground with his mooring ropes. Acting as an anchor, or mooring post, is the entrance to the one story and garage box. This element is the ground dressed in a pile of local brick-bonding to once again reflect the surrounding context. In the short term this new building has quickly become more valued and respected addition to the environment and has set the bar high for other neighbors come soon.


Project credit and copyright: courtesy of Minervini Vandermark Architecture

[Via - Contemporist.com]

urban office landscape photourban office landscape photo

14ts street building architecture design14ts street building architecture design

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urban office building 1st floor planurban office building 1st floor plan

urban office building 2nd floor planurban office building 2nd floor plan

urban office building 3rd floor planurban office building 3rd floor plan

urban office building 4th floor planurban office building 4th floor plan

urban office building interior designurban office building interior design

urban office building planurban office building plan

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