Walden Studios By Jensen Architects/Jensen & Macy Architects, A Spacious Modern Studio Architecture Design Which Offering A Panoramic Views

Walden Studios Living Room Interior DesignWalden Studios Living Room Interior Design

A large great studio architecture design have completed designed by the architect Jensen Architects/Jensen & Macy Architects. This studio architecture design is located in 275 State Highway 128, Geyserville, California, USA. This studio project which is progressed in 2006 is covers an area for about 20,000 square meters. By inserting a new building inside the heavy walls, this concrete barn in scenic Sonoma County is completely transformed. To create light-filled interior spaces, the new structure uses a frameless glass walls while large cuts in the existing walls frame views of the surrounding vineyards.

The work/live units, arts-related offices and other leased spaces are accommodated by the mixed-use building. A panoramic views over the landscape are provided by a new plinth which is raised above the floodplain of the Russian River, it is grounds the building. The outdoor gardens on the arms of this plinth extend like piers into a sea of the vineyards.

The mostly materials which this studio used are concrete and glass. This site gives these studio truly panoramic views, a large grape garden field which surrounds this studio. In the entrance side, a stucco short wall is used as the edge of this studio. When we enter the studio, the first place which we find firstly is the living room. This is an open large spacious area which has a fireplace there. Nice!

Architect: Jensen Architects/Jensen & Macy Architects
Location: 275 State Highway 128, Geyserville, California, USA
Project Team: Mark Jensen (principal), Frank Merritt, Patricia Pollock (project architects), Elmer Lin, Dean Orr, Chia-Yu Yen, Nana Kim, Rouel de la Paz, Sherman Warren
Contractor: Oliver & Company
Structural Engineer: Tipping-Mar + Associates
Mechanical Engineer: Guttman & Blaevoet
Electrical Engineer: Silverman & Light
Civil Engineer: Atterbury & Associates
Geotechnical Engineer: Bauer Associates
Landscape Architect: Andrea Cochran Landscape Architecture
Surveyor: Crabtree Land Surveying
Project Area: 20,000 sqf
Project Year: 2006
Photographs: Richard Barnes, Marion Brenner, and Jack Journey


Walden Studios Facade Architecture DesignWalden Studios Facade Architecture Design

Walden Studios Entry Side Architecture DesignWalden Studios Entry Side Architecture Design

Walden Studios Large Alley Architecture DesignWalden Studios Large Alley Architecture Design

Walden Studios Interior DesignWalden Studios Interior Design

Walden Studios Window Architecture DesignWalden Studios Window Architecture Design

The Walden Studios Architecture DesignThe Walden Studios Architecture Design

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